Rebekah Daniella Hodaya Esther Dinah "Becca" Shereshevsky (later Udaku) nicknamed Kool Kat is best friends with the Little Darling pack-Effie, Veronica, Tibby, Willow, Vinessa and Auli'l. She is of Russian Jewish and Irish-Scots descent and has dedicated herself, mostly using her tech-savvy skills and intelligence. She is interested in fashion and science, mainly chemistry and biology.

Rebekah Daniella Hodaya Esther Dinah Shereshevsky


High School Student (former)
College Student at MIT (former)

Significant Others

Mosi Udaku (husband)
Kristoff Hardy (ex-fiance`)
Kamran Mahdavi (ex-boyfriend)


Mosi Udaku (husband)
Daniel Udaku (son)
Olivia Udaku (daughter)
Aneka Shereshevsky (mother, deceased)
Richard Shereshevsky (father, deceased)
Grandpa Rachman (maternal grandfather)
Bubbie Rachman (maternal grandmother)
Alexei Shereshevsky (paternal grandfather)
Frannie Rubin (maternal aunt)
Louis Rubin (maternal uncle by marriage)
Ana, Josef, Michael, and Max (maternal cousins)
Mona Udaku (mother-in-law)
Mr. Udaku (father-in-law, deceased)
Shiri Udaku (sister-in-law)
Hunter Udaku (adoptive brother-in-law)
Obasi Udaku (brother-in-law)
Naheemah Udaku (brother-in-law)
Chibundi Udaku (grandfather-in-law)
Daraja Udaku (grandmother-in-law)
Adebowale Udaku (uncle-in-law)
Chanda Udaku (great-grandfather-in-law)
Nanali Udaku (great-grandmother-in-law)

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Becca was born in Cairo, Egypt to anthropologist and helicopter pilot Richard Harrison-McConnell and to Russian Jew Aneka Shereshevsky. Her mother was in line for the throne of Caledonia, a country ruled by the Russians, the Shereshevskys. She and her older sister Fanya nicknamed "Frannie" abdicated their royal status. Both sisters settled in America where Aneka met and married Richard and the two had a daughter. They also had two older daughters, Rachel and Renesmee. When Becca was a baby, a helicopter crashed into the McConnell Residence where Aneka and Richard died in the accident. The only survivor, Becca was found by a firefighter named Mike Monroe which he later adopted with his wife, Paige.